Prime Black Angus Ground Beef: Natural Colorado Ground Beef Patties, Sliders & Bricks

When you buy beef online, it’s important to understand where the meat is produced. Equally as important is a knowledge of how the beef is raised, to ensure it’s the healthiest product for your family and friends. The cattle on Huwa ranch are pasture-raised, grass-fed and corn-finished. We provide close care and attention to our herds, ensuring that they are well-maintained throughout their lives. Net proceeds go to charity from the sales of our quality, natural Colorado beef. Buy meat online today from Kylie’s Reserve.

Fresh, Farm-to-Table Colorado Beef

Kylie’s Reserve is a delicious, truly high-quality ground angus beef. It’s the perfect choice for beef connoisseurs who desire the prime steak experience for their burgers, tacos and more. Kylie is passionate about our ranch, and adores ground beef. A true Huwa, she decided to create her own custom ground from our high-quality prime black angus beef.

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Kylie’s Reserve Has Quality Bulk Ground Beef

Kylie’s Reserve is as tender and flavorful as prime steak. It’s perfect for meals at home, or large-scale events. If you would like guests at your party or get-together to experience the exceptional taste of flavorful natural beef, Kylie’s Reserve is the optimum choice. Our natural beef is antibiotic, hormone, and steroid-free. There could be no fresher option for farm-to-plate, grass-fed and corn-finished beef than what we put into Kylie’s Reserve.

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Our Quality Promise


Antibiotic, Hormone & Steroid Free


Farm To Plate


Grass Fed, Corn Finished


Family Raised, Mom Approved


Dry Aged


Exceptional Flavor & Tenderness

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Buy Beef Online and Support a Worthy Cause

Options abound for our Kylie’s Reserve customers when you buy meat online. Not only does our company offer a premier product, but our proceeds go to charity. We use the profits from sales of our bulk ground beef to invest in our community. We also support organizations that help children who grow up with challenges and unique abilities. Choose Kylie’s Reserve to create delicious meals for your family, while you support to a worthy cause.

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Lasagna Ground Beef

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Kylie’s Reserve is a family owned and operated company that offers prime black angus beef. Our livestock is grass-fed, corn-finished, as well as antibiotic, hormone and steroid-free. As a result, our wholesome cuts beef are all-natural and extremely flavorful. These highly marbled, exceptional products are also USDA inspected. Kylie’s Reserve uses proceeds to invest in our community and support organizations that help children who grow up with challenges, like Kylie. Contact Kylie’s Reserve today to learn more about Kylie’s cause, or to purchase any of our prime beef packages.