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If you would like to buy ground beef online, look no further than Kylie’s Reserve. We are proud to offer the finest farm-to-table black angus beef at Huwa Ranch. We are proud to produce natural beef that absolutely melts in your mouth when you buy beef online from our team. The Huwa Ranch supports many causes and charities throughout the year. Special needs kids are close to our heart as we understand and appreciate the challenges families face to provide activities and experiences to accommodate specially enabled kids. Kylie’s Reserve proceeds will be a small funding source as the sales will not provide enough resources needed on an annual basis. When you purchase ground beef from Kylie, be confident and secure knowing that it is a step forward and a charitable action to providing for other kids just like her. We appreciate your support of these kids and children everywhere who need special attention.

Great Colorado Beef Makes for Great Steakburgers

For exceptional, well-produced prime ground beef, try our prime selection of natural beef from Kylie’s Reserve. Kylie’s Reserve offers top-of-the-line Colorado beef for those who prefer fresh, farm-to-table beef for their steakburgers and other meals. Kylie is an accomplished rancher. She has created her own custom ground from our high-quality prime black angus beef, which makes an absolutely outstanding steakburger. When you buy ground beef online from Kylie’s Reserve, you can be sure you’re receiving a quality product.

When looking to buy ground beef in bulk, it’s important to receive a quality product for your money. Kylie’s Reserve is the perfect choice of prime angus beef for steakburgers. Our 100-percent natural beef is free of any artificial hormones or genetically modified organisms. Kylie’s Reserve is by far the freshest and most delicious option for farm-to-table ground beef. Next time you are looking to buy ground beef in bulk, consider Kylie’s Reserve. Our proceeds support charity, so you can feel confident that you are not only receiving superior beef, but helping a worthy cause.

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Antibiotic, Hormone & Steroid Free


Farm To Plate


Grass Fed, Corn Finished


Family Raised, Mom Approved


Dry Aged


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Kylie’s Reserve offers our customers ground prime in bricks, patties or sliders. Our cattle are raised antibiotic, hormone, and steroid-free. As with all high-grade beef, Kylie’s Reserve is dry-aged. The dry-aging process involves the breaking down of connective tissues within the meat. Beef is placed on a rack to dry for an extended period, and stored in freezing temperatures. The result after undergoing this process is retention of natural flavor, as well as optimum tenderization. This means that Kylie’s Reserve ground beef is always high-quality, high-grade and exceptionally delicious.

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Kylie’s Reserve is a family owned and operated company that offers prime black angus beef. Our livestock is grass-fed, corn-finished, as well as antibiotic, hormone and steroid-free. As a result, our wholesome cuts beef are all-natural and extremely flavorful. These highly marbled, exceptional products are also USDA inspected. Kylie’s Reserve uses proceeds to invest in our community and support organizations that help children who grow up with challenges, like Kylie. Contact Kylie’s Reserve today to learn more about Kylie’s cause, or to purchase any of our prime beef packages.