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At Kylie's Reserve, we take pride in the quality of our dry-aged black angus beef. If you are in the market for bulk ground beef, place an order with us today and the proceeds will help support charity. We are proud of the work we put into our natural beef, which is served up deliciously marbled and tender. Our beef makes for a tremendous set of sliders.

Mouth-Watering Beef Slider Patties

For anyone searching for natural beef to make a delicious plate of sliders, look no further than Kylie’s Reserve. Our farm-fresh family raised Colorado beef is grass-fed and corn-finished, making us a top choice for your cookout or gathering. Our marbled black angus beef makes for some of the tastiest beef slider patties on the market. Kylie’s beef is great for those who like the convenience of ordering meat online.

Kylie’s Beef Slider Patties a Definite Crowd-Pleaser

Kylie’s Reserve offers delicious bulk ground beef that is sure to be successful at your next tailgating event or large cookout. With the best selection of farm-raised black angus beef slider patties in Colorado, you can be sure that our angus beef burgers will hit the spot. For those rightfully concerned about genetically modified organisms and hormones in their meat, trust that our farm-raised angus beef slider patties are a healthy, clean option when you buy meat online.


When you buy our signature Huwa Ranch Colorado beef, proceeds go to help support charity. Buy meat online with us, and a portion of the funds will be used to support organizations that will help children who have unique challenges, like Kylie. Order today from our very own Kylie’s Reserve stock, and we promise our healthy, natural beef will satisfy.

Experience the Remarkable Flavor of Kylie's Prime Black Angus Beef

We are one of the few ranches conducting 100 percent DNA testing to ensure maximum flavor and marbling. We continue to develop our understanding of how to ensure our Prime Black Angus beef tastes the best. Using only superior and reliable genetics in our herd, we’re able to breed for multi-trait excellence and consistently produce the highest-quality cuts. Only 7 percent of all Prime Black Angus beef produced in the country is rated prime. We’re proud that Kylie's Prime Black Angus beef is consistently rated 8-10 times higher than that percentage.

Lasagna Ground Beef

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Kylie’s Reserve is a family owned and operated company that offers prime black angus beef. Our livestock is grass-fed, corn-finished, as well as antibiotic, hormone and steroid-free. As a result, our wholesome cuts beef are all-natural and extremely flavorful. These highly marbled, exceptional products are also USDA inspected. Kylie’s Reserve uses proceeds to invest in our community and support organizations that help children who grow up with challenges, like Kylie. Contact Kylie’s Reserve today to learn more about Kylie’s cause, or to purchase any of our prime beef packages.